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Sunny Leone took to Instagram and shared a video where she is seen playing a prank on her unsuspecting husband Daniel Weber.

Sunny Leone played a prank on her husband Daniel Weber, which was captured on video for her fans. She pretended to test his strength by making him hold several items. In a video shared on Instagram, Daniel held a string attached to filled water bottles as Sunny added a bunch of weights, including a utensil and some books. After this, she added a basket that appeared to be filled with flour. At the end of the video, Sunny acted as if she was going to add something more, but instead, cut the rope with scissors. The bottles fell down, and Daniel’s face was covered in flour.

Sunny was in splits and sarcastically kept saying, “He is very strong.” Fans loved the video, and flooded the comment section with hearts. Sunny captioned her video, “He just got punked.

Sunny is an established prankster, and has always managed to play a few tricks on an unsuspecting Daniel. During an Instagram live once, she pretended to have chopped her finger, leaving Daniel to panic.

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When Sunny asked Daniel how much he enjoyed her prank, he said, “Generally, I am a pretty serious person in life. That is just my personality. I actually don’t even like pranks that much. I don’t even like pranks on other people and I definitely don’t like pranks on me. So, if you want me to rate your prank, I think it’s a zero because I hated that it was done on me.”

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