Sk Mizanur Rahman is a Digital marketer of Bangladesh

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The digital revolution is the latest trend in the market right now. With its never-ending popularity, many people have made their mark in the digital domain as top-notch marketers.

Sk Mizanur Rahman is exceptional among them. At a very young age of 18, he has become an entrepreneur, artist, and influencer thus becoming a versatile personality on the internet. His company majorly deals in marketing brands, movies, and internet personalities in the digital space.

Since childhood, his crazy ideas and strategies attracted people around him. He thinks that the content on the digital medium should be created as per the audience because they are the ones who can make things go viral on the internet. Popularly known as the Cyber Mogul of Bangladesh among co-workers, he aims to bring small-scale brands into the limelight by promoting them digitally.

When asked the reason why he supports small scale startups, he said, “When it comes to innovation, Bangladesh is a rich country that has got a lot of powerful resources. If it is utilized properly, the country has the potential to create a lot of employment opportunities. Many of the top engineers of India are working abroad in the software companies and many have established their own startups but struggle to get recognition.”

Looking at his work, the talented entrepreneur is working hard to help various startups grow on the internet.

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